Like a Kid at Christmas

Take a trip back in time. Think about how it felt to go to bed on Christmas Eve as a kid. Remember the anticipation that was so great you could barely contain yourself?

Now try to remember the last time you had that feeling.  The last time you felt so excited about something that you had butterflies in your stomach, your heart was beating out of your chest, and you couldn’t sleep with the anticipation of it all. Can you?

I can. It was a few weeks ago. I had written my second blog post, “The Hidden Cape”, and was about to publish it. I felt a heady intoxication unlike any I had experienced in recent memory.

I had finally found my passion. I had long felt that I had a story to tell but until now lacked the voice to tell it.

As women in our twenties and thirties, we tend to put our families and careers first.  Activities that bring us true joy, those that help us connect to the deepest parts of our selves, are left on the back burner.

I have found as I move through my forties that my priorities have shifted. My job is just a place I go so I can pay the bills. Family will always come first but I have learned that taking time for myself  contributes to the wellbeing of my family rather than diminishes it.

Since I have been blogging, I have a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I have a purpose, a goal, and an outlet for my creativity. I realize that I am not going to win a Pulitzer Prize or change the world by blogging about my mid-life crisis, but it fulfills me, and hopefully it can help others along the way.

I urge everyone who reads this to find SOMETHING that brings you this kind of joy and gratification. Maybe you love cooking and experimenting with exotic ingredients to concoct something completely new. Perhaps your passion is gardening or riding motorcycles or singing. You don’t need to be the next winner of The Voice to achieve success. Maybe all you need is an open mic night at a local club to give you that rush, that “Santa’s coming!” feeling. Step out of your comfort zone and into the world. It’s yours for the taking.

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2 thoughts on “Like a Kid at Christmas”

  1. Love this one!!! Thanks for the inspiration, the confidence boost and the inner voice that’s now saying light the fire & ignite your dreams, Erin!
    love you.

  2. Love love love reading your blog. Glad you found this outlet and it makes my day to read your words and relate to them. Bless you and I am so happy for you. Kudos old friend. Hopefully we will reunite when the girls attend BRMS together.

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