New Beginnings

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As I hurtle toward my 50th birthday in 2017, I have found myself in a state of crisis. I am not where I want to be physically, mentally, spiritually, or professionally. I find it all quite overwhelming to the point that sometimes I just can’t get out of my own way.

I recently decided that this was no way to live. So, I made the decision to STOP feeling the way I was feeling and START feeling better about myself and my life. After all, it is not a bad life. I had just forgotten to be thankful for all the blessings in it.

Once I started to change my mindset, wonderful things started happening. I felt HAPPY! I felt that I had CONTROL back in my life. It hasn’t been easy. I have started reading books that help me focus on the positives and have found that meditation helps me calm the negativity that had seeped into my mind. I have connected to God again. As I have prayed and searched my soul for the next step in this adventure called life, I have decided that blogging will be a form of therapy for me and hopefully a way of helping others. I have had many experiences in my life that have molded me into the woman I am today. From adoption to widowhood to the loss of my parents to living in a blended family, my life has afforded me an abundance of lessons that I hope to share.

I hope you will join me on my journey to 50 and beyond. We are given one life, so shouldn’t we make it a happy one?

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11 thoughts on “New Beginnings”

  1. Love it!!! About to hit 50 this summer so I think I’ll join you on this journey!! Thanks for sharing …look forward to hearing more as we become Fit and Fabulous!

  2. Sheila I support you and am happily eager to read your blog. Best wishes on this venture and I hope to see you around soon!

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